Heart of Sound
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Heart of Sound is a breathwork and rhythm journey to support your highest wellbeing.
A co-production with Sonoprana, we combine two ancient rituals, breathwork and sound meditation, together for a powerful live experience conducted by certified practitioners.

Breathwork is a somatic practice, and an active meditation that can clear our mind-heart-body channel and help us release stagnant energy, reaching deep levels of calm and clarity. Lying down on a comfortable surface, we breath in specific cadence and pattern and release incompatible energy, clearing and creating space for self love, forgiveness, creativity, and inner knowing. Breathwork is WORK, it requires you to show up %100 for yourself and there lies its beauty. This type of Breathwork may help with an Increased sense of self love and clarity about one's purpose, Emotional spaciousness and lightness, Transmutation of difficult life events, Somatic release of emotional trauma stored in the body, and Spiritual development.​


- Joshua & Inbal