Joshua Miller is a multi-disciplinary artist, specializing in meditative percussion, group facilitation and digital content production.  He believes that in our fast-paced modern world, it is critical to slow our minds down and drop into our hearts to create authentic connection and live our true purpose.  Joshua has shared his experience with sound as a meditative tool in the United States, Australia, Bali, Portugal, Indonesia, Poland and India.  In 2020, Joshua's work was accepted as part of the International Year of Sound as presented by the International Commission for Acoustics.  He has appeared at the NAMM Show, Bhakti Fest, Disclosure Fest and has participated in over 200 workshops at iconic venues such as UCLAGrace Cathedral and Burning Man.  As a percussionist, he has performed with world-recording artists including Janet Stone, Nat Kendall and The Hanuman Project.

A firm believer in environmental protection, Joshua is the co-creator of Sounds of the Ocean, a sound bath to connect with marine life in support of ocean conservation.  This project combines recordings of whales and dolphins with live instruments to offer a healing soundscape, while fundraising to reduce pollution in the ocean.  In 2019, he supported the launch of a new sound exhibit for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in Santa Cruz, California to connect listeners with the acoustical environment in the ocean.

In response to COVID-19, Joshua created a virtual sound bath series via livestream and offers guided sound meditations around the world for free.  He has been interviewed in podcasts, radio programs and online web-series and is deeply grateful to be collaborating with artists from around the world.


A lifelong sound-explorer, my musical journey began quite young in the suburbs of New York City.  I was introduced to the gong by my grandmother and grew up listening to music with my father through two giant six-foot tall speaker cabinets.  Percussion quickly became an essential tool to navigate the stress of the American education system, and I built my first drum set out of used paint cans in the basement.

At age 24, after earning a B.S. degree in Communications from the S.I. Newhouse School at Syracuse University, and running a video production company in New York City, I realized that I needed to make a big change to my life.  I was already struggling with severe anxiety and depression and started to experience panic attacks.  On a shoot as a documentary cinematographer for Walking the Camino: Six Ways to Santiago, I finally had enough time to ask the big questions many of us never have the opportunity to ask ourselves.  I pondered questions like, Who am I?  What do I want to do in my life? And, the ultimate question, Am I happy?

Four years later, I took a leap of faith and began a lifelong journey of self-inquiry.  I lived in Australia out of a campervan, working as an outdoor educator for Outward Bound, the YMCA and Lakeside Private School.  I led groups of students on backcountry and community service trips in Australia, the United States and Thailand, teaching leadership skills and facilitating team-building activities.  On these trips, I felt the transformational power of a group of people all living in the present moment and I started to feel more connected to my purpose.

Then, after experiencing significant loss and grief, I decided to go "back to school" but this time it would be for music and sound.  I took a deep dive with percussion study in Cuba, a Nada Yoga certification in India, and apprenticed my sound therapy teacher in Portugal.  I became fascinated with the principles of music therapy and sound healing and committed to learn from the best schools around the world to understand the power of rhythm and sound.  My practice as a Tabla player gave me the awareness that sound and music has the power to get out of the minds and into the body, which makes us happier by living in the fully present moment.

"I am inspired by the opportunity to build bridges between worlds and use music as a tool to help us unite and listen. "

I created Embodied Sounds with the intention to use sound as a mindful tool to help others relax and reduce daily stress.  Through guided sound meditations I bring the opportunity for others to travel within their subconscious, without needing to basically quit your life and go on the round-the-world trip that I was so lucky to have experienced.  I am not promising to “heal” you by any means, nor do I believe that what I do is in replacement of having a physician or psychologist.  However, by taking just a few moments each day to slow down and allow your mind to become at ease, it has been scientifically proven to help with conditions such as depression, anxiety, binge eating, addiction, stress, loneliness, irritable bowel syndrome, ADHD and asthma, to name a few.  I hope you will give it a try!


Thank you to all my teachers for inspiring me to follow this path of service:


Dr. John Beaulieu

Sylvia Nakkach


Tom Soltron & Abby Del Sol

Aminah Chishti


Janet Stone

Nat Kendall

and Bruno Teixiera

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