Joshua Miller

Creative Content Producer & Multi-Instrumentalist

Joshua Miller is a multi-disciplinary artist, committed to authentic creative expression and heart-based living.  He believes that in our fast-paced modern world, it is critical to slow down and connect back to ourselves.  He has found sound to be very helpful in achieving a peaceful state of being.  


Humble Beginnings....

A lifelong sound-explorer, Joshua’s musical journey began quite young in the suburbs of New York City.  He was introduced to the gong by his grandmother and attended percussion workshops as a teen.  Percussion quickly became an essential tool to navigate the stress of the American education system, though he kept music as a passion, enjoying late night jams with friends before social media and cell phones were a thing.


After earning a B.S. degree in Communications from the S.I. Newhouse School at Syracuse University, his devotion to creativity started with a 10 year career in documentary filmmaking in New York City.  This fast-paced industry offered him time with inspiring figures such as Michelle Obama.  In 2009, he served as a documentary cinematographer on Walking the Camino: Six Ways to Santiago covering an ancient spiritual pilgrimage.  Joshua learned visual storytelling from the ground up as an editor, camera operator and director of photography.

Please view his full video portfolio here.

Life Transitions...

In 2013, Joshua left the film industry in exploration of something more, beginning a spiritual pilgrimage of self-inquiry which has been the greatest adventure of his life.  Living in Australia, he fell in love with the outdoors and began a career as a facilitator in outdoor education. He worked for organizations like Outward Bound, the YMCA and Lakeside Private School, taking groups of students on backcountry and community service trips in Australia, the United States and Thailand.  These trips grew his interest in cultivating leadership skills and facilitating team-building activities for groups of all ages.  He deepened his respect for the environment and he felt the transformational power of a shared group experience.  

In 2017, destiny brought him to Portugal, Cuba, India, Indonesia and Poland to study music from ancient traditions such as Nada Yoga, Hindustani, Sufi Qawwali, Archaic Sounds and Afro-Cuban rhythm.  This deep dive into sacred practices transformed his entire perception of the world and sense of self.  He has studied with legendary artists such as MoojiTom Soltron, Aminah Chishti, Kabeçao and Bruno Teixiera, and is deeply grateful to all his teachers for inspiring him to follow this devotional path of service.

Creativity Expands...

In 2019, Joshua launched Sounds of the Ocean, a sound bath to connect with marine life.  This project combines recordings of whales and dolphins with live instruments to offer a healing soundscape, while raising awareness of ocean conservation.  The project escapes the belief that we have to choose between human interests and environmental protection and offers a way to meet both needs.  Sounds of the Ocean has directly raised funds and awareness for non-profits including 4Ocean, National Resource Defense Council and Ocean Conservation Research.  It was included at Burning Man 2019 and supported the launch of a new science of sound exhibit for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in Santa Cruz, California.

He has created promotional branded content in the health & wellness, travel and outdoor industries.  Storytelling is a lifelong passion for Joshua and he is grateful to be sharing his multi-modal communication skills to support artists, companies and organizations.

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