Sounds of the Ocean


Sounds of the Ocean is an opportunity to go within yourself

and travel through an underwater world.  Our intention is to help build connection with marine life

raising awareness around the critical issues facing the health of our oceans,

while offering a relaxing atmosphere to support your highest wellbeing.

We offer an immersive 3D binaural sound journey guiding you to a depth of 3000 feet beneath the ocean's surface listening to recordings of ocean life from the deep waters of Monterey Bay Canyon just off the shores of Northern California.

We combine these sounds with live instruments including clarinet, handpan, saxophone, voice, tibetan bowls and ambient percussion to guide you through a relaxing musical journey.  Our guides are highly skilled in the disciplines of sonic wellness and work in the mental health and music industry as composers, producers and mindfullness teachers.

Through digital sales on our online music store, we raise money for various ocean conservation groups around the world including The Ocean Foundation, Oceanic Global and Innoceana